November 6, 2006

I'm back!

I had such a wonderful time! There is so much to share and I don't know where to start. I need to organize my photos, all 5000 of them. Just kidding, it isn't that much. Last count, after deleting unwanted photos, is roughly 1,132. An average of 280 pictures per major city I went to. Digiprint is going to make so much money out of me in the coming weeks!

I am still quite pleasantly surprised that everything went by without a hitch. All the R & D that went into planning this trip paid off, and quite nicely I must say. I got to see and do almost everything I wanted to see and do and more! And now I'm back, reenergized as I always am after the high of travel. Trying to ease my way back as painlessly as possible into work mode. Ugh, so hard!

I hope to be able to document as much as I can on this blog so you'll have to bear with me as I do it in stages. As Mila from watergirl said, "best to reminisce gently". I like that, so that I will do. :)


wysgal said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing about your trip. =)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We missed you last Saturday at the MarketManila EB.

Anonymous said...

::::I got to see and do almost everything (and everyone) I wanted to see and do and more!::::

Anyone else get the urge to have a beavis and butthead laugh at that line? Oh well, you sooooo couldn't get away with that if you were still in the states, but since you are gone I guess I have to let it go. welcome back!


christine said...

Hi wysgal and Katrina! I really feel bad for missing the EB. I arrived on the same day but didn't want to risk being jetlagged and catty. :) I hope another one is planned soon.

BD, I already rewrote that part, originally there was no ( ), but yes it still sounds funny. And because I would like this to be family friendly site, and you called attention to it hehe, I'll edit it again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine!! Welcome back! :)

christine said...

Thanks candishhh! :)