October 8, 2006

Hasta luego!

I mentioned in my previous post that I was going to Mexico for my best friends wedding. Katia and I were inseparable throughout high school and I practically lived in her house half the time. However, she went off to Switzerland for college and I stayed here. As the case is with many of my other close HS friends who have moved away, we would only get to see each other when she'd come home for Christmas. This was a friendship that no lapse of time or distance could ruin.

When she announced her engagement to me during her visit last year, I was beside myself with happiness! Her fiance was with her at the time, and seeing how genuinely happy she was with him was all I needed. I knew I had to be there with her on her wedding day wherever in the world it would be. They currently live in Los Cabos but had opted to tie the knot in Mexico City where his family is from. This got me even more excited as I've always wanted to travel to Mexico!

While I was making arrangements, my travel plans morphed into a more extensive holiday. So aside from a week in Mexico City, my itinerary now includes a 3-night stopover in Phoenix, AZ to visit another old friend from school, one week in Las Vegas, NV where my sister and her daughter are flying in from Vancouver to meet me together with some other relatives (I am so psyched about this as I haven't seen them in years!) and another week in San Francisco, CA (one of my favorite cities in the world) for more visits to friends and some work as well.

I hope to be able to post while I'm away, but even if I don't I will definitely check in once in a while. So if you have any recommendations for any of the cities I'll be travelling to, I would really love to hear it. Now, I need to finish packing and get some sleep. Hasta luego! :)


wysgal said...

Have fun, eat a lot of great food, and take a million photos!

Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous time! I can't wait to see your posts regarding your trips.

Anonymous said...

Nena, please send my best wishes to Katia and her new Hubby. have lots of margaritas for me ! enjoy cabo!!


Anonymous said...

have a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! Enjoy your trip!! :) I was delighted to see that you're going to Las Vegas! Will you scout out where the Montecito lies? Haha!! Just kidding! Have a great time!! :) Bon Voyage!!

santos. said...

have a great time! i'll be heading to mexico (again) for a wedding soon myself. unfortunately it's not in mexico city, which is an awesome city. vibe is somewhat similar to manila, but also definitely not.

Anonymous said...

nens, your itinerary sounds fab! enjoy! will look forward to your post on mexico and beyond!


christine said...

Hi everyone!!

Wysgal, Its only Day 5 in Mexico and I've already taken 390 photos! I'm going crazy with the camera because there's so much we're seeing and doing and I want to remember every detail. :)

Hey Mirs! I passed on your wishes to Katia and she says thank you. We're not in Cabo, we're in Mexico City as this is where the wedding will be. Gosh, I already have so much to tell you! It's been so great! :) Will definitely have a margarita or at least a shot of tequila for you.

Ana, thank you! It's been SO much fun so far. We're a very big group, about 16 that are here for the wedding, so it´s just been such a blast! :)

Hey Candisshhh! Haha, I'll have to at least scout out Josh Duhamel don't I?! :)

Santos, it is amazing! Such a beautiful, green and pleasant city. The weather couldn't be more perfect, it's a little chilly in the early mornings but then the rest of the day is sunny and cool. When will you be here?

Hey Kat! You know I honestly don't know how I'm going to post about all of this, there is so much to show and tell. But will defniitely try my best. See you when I get back! :)

Watergirl said...

Hope your having a great time Nena. Will you be back in time for the Marketman EB? November 4, send in your reservations asap!

briliantdonkey said...

Hope you are having a fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbulous time! I know you have been looking forward to this and you deserve it. Going to vegas,,,,,grrrrrrr have I mentioned I might, just MIGHT be a weeeeee bit jealous? See you when you get back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope your trip is going great so far. Mexico City was a blast, wasnt it, that I was sad it was all over. I am now in Buenos Aires! Wonderful, Fabulous, Gorgeous place! We love it. Ill tell you all about it later but for now I just wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday.....Again thanks for sharing that special time with us...hope you enjoyed as much as we did! Besos y Abrazos Katia

christine said...

Hi Mila! I actually arrive on the 4th. And I don't want to make reservations in case I'm too tired to go. I would also want to spend the day with my family since I've been away for long. I wish he has another one soon after though, and I'm sure you'll all have a great time! Can't wait to hear all abou it. I think my sister is going with Joey. :)

Hey BD, thanks! :) Yeah, I know how you loved Vegas. I had a nice time there, mostly because I got to spend time with my sister who I hadn't seen in 7 years. Vegas is just crazy, huh?! It's entertaining to say the least!

Hi Katia, thanks!!!! I miss you already! I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank you so much to you , Sergio and both your families for making our visit so wonderful and memorable! I'm glad you're enjoying your honeymoon, I can't wait to hear all about it! :))

Anonymous said...

grrrrr you arent back YET???? damn I SWEAR you have been gone for 3 months!


travel plaza said...

You've been tagged. Please visit my blog for details.

christine said...

I'm back, I'm back!! So now you have someone to pour your sarcasm and cynicism out to once again, good for you, BD! I so missed you! :)

Hi, TP! Alright, I'll check it out. :) Thanks.