July 8, 2008

Hi, my name is Christine and I'm a delinquent blogger

I'm really so sorry for neglecting my blog for as long as I have (more than a month already!). But between work, 2 new projects outside work, a friend visiting from the US and other stuff, I haven't had as much free online time as I used to. I always get home too late or too tired to do more than check email or new photos or friends' updates on Facebook, if I even turn on my laptop at all. I know I'm the one missing out since I don't even get to visit my favorite blogs anymore. Sorry guys, I haven't forgotten you! In fact I miss your posts and I promise to be back for a visit real soon. :)

Another reason I've been extra-busy this past week is that I'm preparing for an upcoming month-long trip. The first half of the trip is a 2-week holiday that will have me visiting one of my favorite cities in the world once again (SF), and from where we kick-off our road-trip along the Pacific Northwest towards Vancouver (another favorite city), with stops along the Oregon Coast, Portland and Seattle along the way.

I'm so psyched about the trip, as you might imagine, because aside from the fact that I love roadtrips, I'l be visiting with my sister and her family in Vancouver!! The last time I did that was back in '96 when I lived with them for 3 months. Twelve years is just too too long, this is a long overdue trip. :)

I'm going to try something new, blogging on the road. I know, I know. You're probably thinking, yeah right! She can't even blog regularly at home. And I share your skepticism, trust me! So while I say I'm going to try, I'm not making any promises. I just think it would be a great idea to post while the experience is still fresh and I don't forget any important details. And most imporantly, I won't be so overwhelmed with processing all the photos and info when I get back home a month later. So wish me luck and have a little faith! :)

Also, if you have any recommendations for favorite places in SF, Portland, Vancouver, and also NY & VA ,where I may be going for work in the latter part of the trip, I'd very much appreciate it!

(I had meant to post about my trips to Xiamen and Dumaguete plus a few food posts before leaving, but because I didn't I'll have to save it for another time. To those of you who still take the time to visit my blog, thank you for being so patient with me! :) )