May 17, 2006

The world in my room

Christine, the right design for you shows off your Worldly Views

It looks like you think globally even if you live locally. Whether you're a world wanderer collecting passport stamps or an armchair traveler flipping through travel guides, you've got an eye on the world beyond your zip code. But while you're on your own turf, you can still feel like you're in a far-off land through your decor.

To have your habitat embody your international interests, look to imported items and other touches with foreign flair. Try accents like a carved elephant statue, sushi set, gypsy folding table, or paisley mirror. With your worldview leading the way, your room will look out of this world!

This was the result of a tickle test I took about "what design fits you".

I've recently been doing some remodeling work in my parents house and I've really been enjoying it (though not enjoying the way it empties your bank account!). With a limited budget, I've been able to do some nice changes to the exterior of the house, the kitchen, the patio , the den and my room. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do! (Next on the agenda is the master's bedroom and upstairs bathroom.)

I thought the above result was particularly amusing because the one thing I didn't remove or change in my room (which, by the way, went through the biggest transformation because it used to be my brother's room) was the world map that he had mounted on the wall. My two older sisters and my mom tried to get me to toss it for a nice painting or headboard.

They think it's ugly and awkward in the new room with the new paint job. I don't care, I like it. I like being able to stare at it and dream of where I could go next. I like being able to trace my finger along its dusty surface, drawing an imaginary route from one exotic place to another.

Someone once asked me, is it there so you could mark the places you've been to? No, never even thought of that. Actually, it's there so I can mark the places I WANT to visit.

Before I remodeled, I had all my travel souvenirs displayed on my shelves. But because I tore down the old shelves, and built new ones enough only for my books, I decided to keep these souvenirs in plastic crates until I have a place of my own.

Instead of buying key chains or ref magnets, I like buying stuff I can eventually use to decorate my future home. It's never just one type of item, like a mug or thimble or spoon from each place. I don't think you can confine all these wonderful places to just one item with each place being so unique and so distinct in its character from the others.

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