May 10, 2006

Trigger happy!

We were happily chatting away over yummy chocolate concoctions in Max Brenner with old HS friends when out of the blue, Mike - an old friend's boyfriend who was visiting from Pasadena, CA and who I had only known for barely 4 hours - points a finger at me and accuses me of being a 'gadget girl'.


"Yeah, you! You with your Treo, iPod, laptop...." (because he heard me mention that I downloaded a song online and into my iPod)

I start laughing and brush it off. But those 2 words kinda echo in my head and I start to wonder, am I really a gadget girl? That thought had never crossed my mind before, and it's not something I would use to describe myself.

However, today! Today, I think I just confirmed it. I went out and bought me a nice new digital camera. It's a state-of-the-art point and shoot Canon Digital IXUS 65, 6 Megapixel camera with (what I thought was the best part about it) a 3" LCD.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to take pictures, edit , share and print them, and organize them into albums. I have no one favorite subject, though I seem to lean towards pictures of kids and scenery. I am no professional photographer, but I love taking pictures! One of my dreams was to be a photographer for National Geographic or Life Magazine.

So I'm so excited with my new toy! I get to test it out in Boracay tomorrow, what a perfect place for photo ops. Joey will be happy. I'll be shooting away during her wedding there. She has this thing, if she could have 10 cameras on her the entire time, she would. She's such a ham. hehe

So yeah, maybe I am a gadget girl to some degree, I suppose. :)


carlosceldran said...

Hi sweetie. Im actually looking for a good camera too. My old digital's flash dont work no more, and the screen is all funny. It would actually cost me more to fix it than to buy a new one.

Where did ya get it? Greenhills?

christine said...

Hey there!

I got to test this little beauty in Boracay, and I love it! I just need to learn all the neat features it offers, I didn't have time to do that before leaving.

I got it in CameraHaus, Quad. It's right beside Abenson, facing Park Square 1. It was the only place that had that exact model with the big LCD.