May 2, 2006

Meet Rusty

Aside from being a beach-lover, I am an animal-lover and dogs top my list. For as long as I can remember we've always had a dog, and out of the 5 dogs we've had during my lifetime, only 1 was not a German Shepherd. It's just the family's favorite breed.

Rusty, is a special dog. You know, like a special child with special needs? :) And I say this with the much love and affection. My dad is convinced he's got Down syndrome, or is mentally retarded while my mom wonders sometimes if he suffers from ADHD. I really don't know for sure, but I swear he is just the most hyper, crazy dog! He's always in the mood to play and he makes us laugh A LOT. And he's actually very smart, as all police dogs are.

He's misunderstood though, the poor thing. No one will dare ring our doorbell while he's outside because they're afraid he'll chomp at them through the gate. Or worse, jump the fence. Hello, can you not see his tail wagging as he barks and growls at you? Never mind that he is frothing at the mouth, he can't wait to play with you! Just kidding, I've never seen him froth.

Seriously, he's really sweet. It's SOP in the mornings, when I wake up and come out of my room and he'll be lying right outside my door waiting for me. Then he'll get up and follow me to the breakfast table where he'll sit ON (not by) my feet while I eat. He's so tall that when he begs all he has to do is prop his chin on the table and look cute.

I love my Rusty, craziness and all. He's super handsome, sweet, dependable, funny, cuddly, and obedient. What more can a girl ask for? ;)


briliantdonkey said...

yayyyyyy i finally get to seee rusty!!!! beeeeAUTIFUL dog!!!!

christine said...

He is, isn't he?! :D