May 2, 2006

Easter weekend in Calatagan

Here are some pictures from our Easter weekend (April 12-15) at the Razon's beach house in Calatagan. We had such a nice time, it was pure R & R. Thank you Lizzy and Colo! :-)

Riza and Colo enjoying their vacation to the fullest.

This is Enrique, Rosa's son. Isn't he just too cute?! I want to have a baby girl already just so I could pair her up with him.

The Punta de Santiago lighthouse, which dates back to WWII

I'm a big fan of lighthouses. I don't know why but they really fascinate me. I have yet to climb one though! (If my stamina permits, that is). We waited for the caretaker to come so we could go in but it was getting dark and he was obviously late so we left. It would have been perfect too, I would have finally been able to say I climbed a lighthouse! Never mind that it was not a very tall one.

Juan Marco getting his first taste of beer from Papa Javy :)

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