October 4, 2006

Luxe goes to Europe!

You may remember that I recently posted about my infatuation with these stylish mini travel guides. Shortly after I discovered the guides during a recent trip to Hanoi, I sent an email to the people behind Luxe, imploring them to publish a Manila guide as well as guides for European cities. To which they promptly replied:

"...While we are very keen to produce a guide to Manila, there is, unfortunately, no room in our publishing schedule in the immediate future to do so..."
"...If you are a resident of Manila and would be interested in possibly contributing to a future guide, please let me know, and I'll keep your details on file..."

Then last week, I received this bit of good news in my inbox:

Dear Christine
Just a note to say many thanks indeed for your kind coverage of LUXE on your blog. It's most kind of you to feature us, I'm so glad you enjoyed the guides. We've just released our newest guides LUXE Paris, Madrid and Istanbul in case you're travelling to Europe!
Again all thanks

With best wishes
, Publishing Editor

So, yay! Now, we just have to wait for Fully Booked to start selling them here. :)


wysgal said...

The guide is hilarious, I loved the one you lent me for Bangkok. But because they update their guides so often it only makes sense to buy these right before you go on a trip somewhere. =)

Anonymous said...

Fully Booked is getting them!!! Yippee! They will let me know when they arrive and I'll tell you right away Nens :)

grumpyurbanslacker said...

you mean they just wrote you a letter and didn't enclose free copies of the new guides to you?
tsk tsk :D you oughta complain, hahaha.

christine said...

Wysgal, you're right. You should buy it just before your trip if possible because they update twice a year.

Joey, I'm so glad they clinched the deal! Thanks. :)

Grumpy, hmmm, that would have been a very nice thank-you gift for promoting them so. ;)