July 26, 2006

Where the hell is Matt?

Do yourself a favor and watch Matt's dancing videos. Make sure you watch both 2005 and 2006.

May we all dance like no one is watching,
wherever in the world we may be.

The "about me" and "what people are saying" pages are good for a few laughs too.
Thank you, Tracy, for the link. :)


joey said...

That's amazing! I love it! :)

Mila Tan said...

Heehee, another internet celebrity in the making.

christine said...

Isn't he just the coolest thing? I think I'm in love. :) And wow those places he's been to!

Mila, did you get to see both videos? I changed the link to direct you to the page where you can access both his 2005 and 2006 videos.

Yup, a celebrity that he is. His second trip was sponsored by Stride Gum. How sweet is that?

travel plaza said...

That's cool!

rowena said...

I don't know who Matt is, but I sure like where he's supposedly groovin'... Africa, no doubt? :-)

Thanks for the comment at the blog. I think my best pics (to me anyway) are the ones that get a good laugh or big smile out of me. Taking food pictures is fun, but taking dog pics is even funnier! btw, I noticed the post you had on World's Best Islands and Cities. I am so stoked that Kauai ranks #2. I didn't know that. It's where I was born and raised.

christine said...

Hi Rowena, I had to post. Maddie is adorable, and she couldn't look any happier with her face in the wind. :) Wow, you've lived in Kauai and now Italy? You must have done something right in your past life! You are so blessed. :)