July 13, 2006

T+L 2006 World's Best Islands & Cities

These are the results of Travel + Leisure's recent annual reader's poll for the 2006 World's Best Islands and their corresponding scores:

1 Bali, Indonesia 88.48
2 Kauai 86.47
3 Maui 86.21
4 Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 85.97
5 Mount Desert Island, Maine 84.90
6 Tasmania 84.88
7 Hawaii 84.72
8 Galapagos Islands 84.69
9 Santorini, Greece 84.17
10 Phuket, Thailand 84.06

I agree with Santorini, as it is the only island mentioned above that I have been to. I don't know what criteria was used but obviously these people haven't been to the Philippines?

As for the 2006 World's Best Cities:

1 Florence, Italy 87.09
2 Rome, Italy 86.15
3 Bangkok, Thailand 86.11
4 Sydney, Australia 85.94
5 Chiang Mai, Thailand 85.62
6 Cape Town, South Africa 85.39
7 Buenos Aires, Argentina 85.03
8 New York, USA 84.75
9 Beirut, Lebanon 84.38
10 San Francisco, USA 84.29

That is one very interesting and diverse list!

Well, I don't know about you but I'm not taking their word for it, I need to visit all these islands myself then. So much to see, so little time! :)


joey said...

Beirut! I have always wanted to see it :) As well as Galapagos...

christine said...

Me too! And Florence and Argentina and Chiang Mai! I swear I'm going to retire in either South America or in the Tuscan region of Italy,if not in a beach house somewhere. :)

Mila Tan said...

Islands I want to visit : Easter Island! Seychelles! Maldives!

Cities: Buenos Aires (Boca Juniors heehee), Florence and Barcelona. Plus tour Croatia. Mongolia in 2007!

christine said...

Ohh Easter Island is a dream for me as well! Have you seen this website, I have a link to it on my page:


What's great about our planet is you'll never run out of places to visit, I'm itching to go to Cuba, Portugal, Tanzania, Marrakesh (Morocco), & Argentina (the Iguazu Falls) just to name a few.

jairam said...

I want to go to Bali and New York City ;)

wysgal said...


I had a funny conversation with my parents the other day. We were deciding where to go on our next family holiday and in lieu of somewhere "normal" like Prague or Mexico or Brazil, my mum decides she wants to go to the Galapagos Islands --- which I had never thought of as a tourist destination before she mentioned it.

Well, if they're listed as one of the top 10 Islands in the world they should be okay then.. =)

katrina cruz said...

hi nens! i've only been on 2 of the best islands (kauai and hawaii/big island) and both are very beautiful. it's a must see!

and my parents were able to send me to 5 of the 10 best cities. i think i have to thank them for that opportunity. when you're young and on allowance, you think you're entitled to everything! but now that you have to pay for your travels, you begin to miss the privileges of being single!

happy island/city hopping!

katrina cruz said...

i'd like to add to my previous comment:

...the privileges of being single, unattached and under the financial and moral obligation of your parents. once you hit 21 and graduate from college, you'll have to kiss those privileges goodbye!

christine said...

Hi Jairam, me too!! :)

Wysgal, how fun! I think it's a great place to go with the family because of all the unique animals to see there like the green turtle. When is this trip scheduled for?

Hey Kat!!
Hopefully someday I can visit Hawaii, it's not even that far considering PAL makes a stop over there it's not an impossibility.

Though most of my travels (probably 80%) I paid for with my own money (except for one trip to HK paid for by my parents and a SFO-LA-Vancouver trip which was a graduation present), and a few others by the company, I know what you mean. Which is why I want to travel as much as I can now, just in case I can no longer afford to once I have kids of my own, whether it's due to lack of time of money. I'm sure it won't be as simple.

When's the next dinner, is Michelle planning it? :)

ana said...

Hi! My first time here in your blog... It's great! =D

christine said...

Thanks ana! :) I saw the cupcakes on your blog and I can't get it out of my head. Hmm isn't that a song?