March 10, 2008

WS #27: Taho


My sister and her husband were at the beach for the weekend at a friend's wedding. So I played babysitter to her five kids and had the best time! They really bring me so much joy and make me relish being an aunt and godmother.

We spent all of Saturday playing in the garden and all of Sunday at a friends place for a bbq and swim party. There was lots of food: quesadillas, burgers, sausages, chili-garlic pasta, bruschetta, mango & tomato salad and ice cream sandwiches on Sunday and pizza, popsicles and taho on Saturday.

I chose a photo of taho for this week's WS because I love it, plain and simple. It never fails to make me and my tummy happy - both for the childhood memories it brings and for it's super healthy deliciousness! The best part about it was that it was cheap, so cheap we could actually pay for it ourselves when we were little, from out of those cylindrical cardboard piggy banks, remember those? Or from the loose change we'd scrounge from around the house and inside the car.

My sisters and I would race to the front door when ever we'd hear our local taho vendor singing "tahoooooo" as he walked by carrying those tin buckets from a bamboo pole across his shoulders. He would call out extra loud as he passed our house, knowing that during those summer afternoons we'd most likely be inside waiting for him if we weren't already out on the streets playing. We'd hand him our own big glasses to fill (his small plastic cups were never enough for our appetite, though they're just right for my nieces -photo above), hand him our money and then take our big glasses filled with hot taho back into the house where we'd happily eat them with a spoon. Mmmm...childhood comfort food.

I no longer have taho as often because I'm rarely home, so the few times that I catch our magtataho (taho vendor) in the morning, or on the weekends, you can bet I get my share! :)

For those unfamiliar with taho, it is a drink/snack made with silken tofu, syrup and tapioca pearls called sago. It can either be drank from a cup or eaten with a spoon, and usually it's taken hot or warm. You will find many magtatahos plying the street of our country, but there are now kiosks selling original and flavored taho in the malls.


magtataho on the boulevard


Mali Hotel listings said...

it just reminds my childhood days. when me my sister were waiting for the ice-cream vendor.

SandyCarlson said...

I never saw that before. It looks really good. Great you had a nice time with family!

Kat's Krackerbox said...

Sounds delicious! I've never had anything like it. Sounds like you had a fun time with your family! I got to spend the weekend with my grandchildren.

P said...

i share your taho-love. :-) Rama does, too.

jennyr said...

geez! i love taho! i'll surely have some of those when I get back home...mine's up too!

christine said...

Hey Mali, I'm glad this post sparked some nice memories for you too. :)

Hi Sandy! It's very good and if you come visit our country someday, make sure you try some. :)

Kat, you must have had a great time. I'm always told grandchildren are best. :)

Hi P! And hi Rama! When you come home, we should have some taho together. :)

Hi Jenny, thanks for dropping by. I'll be heading over to check your photo. :)

joey said...

I share your love too! There was always a vendor outside our school...definitely brings back memories :)

kitchie said...

Hi Christine! My first time here and Im enjoying your blog a lot. Theres so much variety here, unlike those blogs that focus only on one subject. In just one page you have written about taho, ilocos, food gifts and guam! Ang saya-saya! :)

christine said...

Jo, I'd love to have a taho vendor outside our office. Unfortunately they wouldn't be allowed into the compound. For something so common and so much a part of Filipino street food, I'm finind that it's not quite so accessible, at least not as much as I want it to be.

Haha thanks kitchie! I'm so glad you're enjoying here. I have too many passions I suppose, many of which are reflected in this blog. I hope I continue to amuse you with my posts. :)

ginny said...

hi sis. i think manuel and i will be taking off for the weekend more often :-) the kids really enjoyed the weekend. i so love taho! have it at least once a week.

christine said...

Yes Gins, you need to! Then I can have the kids all to myself more often hehe! I love that when I asked Manuel what the house rules were and he answered" "No rules, you rule!". :)

elaine M.E.Ch.A. said...

I love taho! This photo is so nostalgic for me. Thank you for sharing it.