March 5, 2008

Lovely surprise from Santos!

Gifts from Karina

Because I can’t wait to share this piece of happiness with you, I have put my Ilocos series on hold temporarily to post this.

The goodies you see in the photo above are from the lovely Karina of The Scent of Green Bananas, who most of you may know as Santos. Though our hectic schedules prevented us form meeting up during my brief visit to Guam last weekend (despite the many text messages), Karina didn’t let this stop her from showing me some love. Let me tell you what a wonderful surprise it was! We had just walked into the lobby of our hotel, starving and exhausted. It was 10 pm and I hadn’t had any dinner nor lunch, just a quick burrito for a mid-afternoon snack; lugging heavy bags that threatened to snap my shoulders off their sockets, when the receptionist handed me the bright green gift bag with the note from Karina. Almost instantly the growling in my tummy and the soreness of my feet were forgotten as I peeked into the bag that was bursting with all sorts of goodies! I clutched the bag to my chest, what's one more bag to juggle?!, and hurried to my room where I could slowly pore over the contents.

Like a little kid opening her birthday present, I cooed at this item and gushed at that. There was a bag of spiced almonds (she shared her recipe here- yay!) and a jar of vanilla bean sugar – both homemade by Karina, delicious-looking (haven’t tried them yet – they all look too cute to eat!) biscotti, bento cookies and tea cookies from her friends’ bakery, Cup and Saucer! This was better than any of the other food stuff I bought, combined! Her thoughtfulness and generosity warmed my heart and touched me deeply. This was a lady whom I had never met in person; with whom the most contact I’ve had are a handful of blog comments and emails, yet that didn't matter. It just goes to prove once again that friendship can know no boundaries and I am truly grateful for all the lovely friends I’ve made through blogging. :)

Karina, you are a doll. Thank you so so much again! I am overwhelmed and touched by your thoughtfulness. I really do hope to meet you very soon either here in Manila or back in Guam so I can give you a big hug. For now, virtual hugs will have to do. :) xoxo


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie Santos is! Such gorgeous goodies! :)

I know what you mean about the people you've met through blogging -- I'm also so happy about all the cool and wonderful people I have met, virtually and in person, through blogging! Such a fantastic "world" to be a part of :)

Shalimar said...

Wow Santos is such an angel... I have met wonderful people thru blogging and have exchanged presents. I have one lady who would send me packages where ever I am....

Anonymous said...

Santos is so thoughtful naman! :) That goody bag looks like it was put together with so much love and care.

Watergirl said...

She is such a generous person and that was without a doubt a sweet kind gesture to make. Hopefully she comes out of the anonymous shelter of her camera so we can meet her in Manila. Food bloggers rule! lol (well, other bloggers are great too, but with food bloggers, they know where to eat!)

Sidney said...

I think I should go to Guam now... ;-)

That is indeed very kind!

christine said...

Joey, they're so gorgeous I can't get myself to eat them just yet, I'm giving it a couple more days of admiration. :)

It's so amazing isn't it, Sha? How the internet has opened all these new friendships for all of us. :)I can't wait to meet you when you come!

Toni, I thought so myself. :) You can tell lots of thought was put into it and I'm really so touched and grateful.

Haha, I second that, Mila! Food bloggers rock! :)

Hey Sidney, so sweet no? Totally unexpected package, but so appreciated. I wish she would let me repay her kindness someday. :)

Midge said...

That was so sweet of Santos! Everything looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh how nice! i like what you said about having friends despite never meeting them in person. so true! thank you.