March 17, 2008

Steaming cauldrons & delicious concoctions

Witchkins cover

Lookie lookie! It's the newest, most adorable cookbook to hit the shelves!

I was really excited when I first heard about this book while it was still in the works. I thought, what a cool idea!, and couldn't wait to see the finished product. And now I have! I love it. It's cute and the characters are so much fun.

The Witchkins All-Occasion Cookbook is really much more than just a cookbook with recipes. It is the story of the The Witchkins -Katrina, Carmela, Anna M- and Sir Nigel. The recipes, which have all been kid-tested, are grouped according to the significant moments of the characters' lives such as Playdate, Sleepover, Summertime, Birthday etc. Here's an excerpt from the info kit:

"Turn the pages and visit the world of the unforgettable characters
called the Witchkins—Katrina, Carmela, and Anna M—as they “sassily” guide us
through pages and pages of classic dishes. Sir Nigel, the only male in this
group of young chefs, wears spectacles, dons a cape, and does his best to put up
with his 3 cheeky colleagues. His recipes, however, are marvelous."

Marshmallow surprise cookie

Now doesn't that just sound like too much fun?!

The recipes aren't just for kids, there's mini-pizzas, croquetas, and other well grown-up food, whatever that means. My tummy is a tummy for all ages!

The Witchkins is the brainchild of Mel Martinez-Francisco, whose love for kids and anything culinary shines through in this book. She indulges both passions by teaching regular cooking and baking classes at Beacon and conducting summer kitchen workshops. It is also the first book released under Sabina's Books Publishing House, founded by another friend, Gem Manosa.

In case you're wondering, while Mel is a friend, she did not ask me to feature this in my blog nor is this a paid advertisement hehe. I'm simply sharing it with you because I really love the concept! I will always support anything that encourages children to read more books or to make things with their bare hands; and this cookbook does both which is why I'm really excited about it!

I hope to try out some recipes with my nieces soon so stay tuned for a Witchkins recipe to be featured here. :)

*The Witchkins can be found in Powerbooks, A Different Bookstore, Hooked on Books, Fully Booked as well as Marta's Cakes and National Bookstore for only P999.


katrina said...

I've passed this on to people who might want to get it, and I'm looking forward to seeing which recipes you make.

So is Katrina the witchkin in purple? ;-)

Socky said...

Hi, Christine. I gave this book to one of our people who was resigning to be full-time mom to her kids aged 9 and 2. I thought the book would be a great source of ideas for fun time with her kids. I actually wanted one for my self!

wysgal said...

How much is the book?

christine said...

Katrina, she is!! Haha, maybe it's your alter ago. ;)

Hi Socky, it's a cute gift no? I'm getting one for my nieces and keeping one for my future kids. Ok ok, for myself. :)

Hi wysgal, the book is P999.

joey said...

This book looks too adorable! And a great way to encourage kids to read and cook :) I want to buy it for Zoe...I don't know if she's too old na though? You know that age...Anyways, I'll be with her over the holy week and will make tancha :)

Marvin said...

Wow, I wish this book was around when I was a wee little lad. It's such a great idea for kids.

christine said...

I don't think Zoe's too old for it, Jo? As long as she has the hilig, it's really for all ages. I'm keeping one for myself. :)

Marvin, I thought the same! It would have been so nice to have this when I was a kid. :)

joey said...

Yeah, I guess not...I really want to get it for her anyway and maybe we can make something from there for our next bakkies day! :)

My cousin had a kid's cookbook when we were younger and I think we made every single thing!

ginny said...

Bea will love this book. We have the whole summer to try the recipes. Thanks for telling us.

Anonymous said...

Nena! This is such a thrilling surprise! Many, many thanks for doing a review on the book. I truly appreciate it :) I'm hoping that the book will facilitate numerous bonding moments between parent and kid, as well as between the kids and their friends.

I'm "anonymous" because I'm out of town and I have no google ID, but I just had to thank you for the wonderful review. Do let me know how your kitchen sessions go!

Traveling this week? :)

MEL :)

christine said...

Yes, Jo, you can make the bakie with the marshmallow surprise, the one that's on the cover! :)

Gins, I kept thinking about Bea when I was browsing through it and how much fun it would be to try out some recipes with her. I hope I get to sometime soon. :)

Hey Mels! You're most welcome! :) I'm assuming Anj told you? Great great job with the book, I'll definitely let you know how it goes. :) No plane rides for me this weekend, just a nice time at the beach with family and relatives.Hope you're having fun wherever you are!

princess_dyanie said...

Oh I am excited for my nephew to be a little kid and will be cooking together ;)

christine said...

Dyanie, it'll be so much fun! Will it be a while before you can cook with him, how old is your nephew?

princess_dyanie said...

Hi Christine! I'll wait for few more years pa before me and my nephew will have its own baking moments. he's 3 months old pa lang hehe ;)

katrina said...

I remember as a kid I had a Nancy Drew Cookbook (I was a Nancy Drew fan for some time).

Hi, Mel! :-) I'm thinking I should get your book if only because there's a purple witch named Katrina, hahaha! ;-)

christine said...

Haha ok matagal pa nga, Dyanie. :)

Katrina, I was a Nancy Drew fan too! (And Bobbsey Twins) but I never knew there was such a cookbook out. Now I feel lugi! :)

Em Dy said...

I saw this in Powerbooks. What attracted me was the layout. Great for kids. I believe that all cookbooks should have pictures.

christine said...

I agree, Em. Although I have lots of cookbook without pictures but have great recipes, there's nothing like drooling over the pictures in those that have! It also helps to see how it's supposed to look when you're making something unfamiliar for the first time. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nena,

Thanks so much for posting our cookbook. You are so sweet! Hope to see you in our book launches.


christine said...

Hi Gem! You're welcome. :) I'll be there for sure! Thanks for the invite!