March 20, 2008

Simple strawberry trifle

Simple strawberry trifle

I am a huge Friends fanatic, one of those that owns all 10 seasons on dvd, has watched each episode at least 4x so far and has never recovered from the show's end. It still elicits big belly laughs from me and I don't think the humor could ever get old, at least not for me. As much as I've watched the show though, I such at games like Friends Trivia and Scene It Friends edition (both of which I've played with my own bunch of goofy friends who are not unlike the characters of the show in their own way) because I have a horrible memory for details. But I can run full scenes in my head on demand.

One such scene, one of my favorites, is the one where Rachel - who is seriously lacking in the domestic skills department - attempts to make an English Trifle for Thanksgiving. When it's time for dessert, she proudly presents the trifle and when asked what it is, she answers (and I'm paraphrasing here): "It's a trifle, see it's got all these layers - ladyfingers, then jam, and custard, and raspberries, and more ladyfingers, then beef sauteed with peas and onions, and more custard...". The rest try desperately to hide the horror from showing in their faces. They soon discover that some of the pages in the recipe book Rachel used are stuck together, and half the English Trifle recipe merged with half of a Shepherd's Pie.

But that's not the best part. The gang didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her she messed up, seeing that she had worked so hard on it. So they force themselves to eat it and pretend to like it. When Rachel leaves the room, Ross groans saying that it tastes like feet. Joey, on the other hand, is scarfing it down and announces that he likes it, "What's not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood!"

Heehee. I love it! And I love trifles. Joey's right. What's not to like? Custard, jam, fruits, all good! So because I still had half a bag of broas (ladyfingers) from a recent trip to Bohol I decided to pair them up with the strawberries I bought. This time though I kept it simple and just used sweetened cream and leftover strawberries from some jam I made. It's so easy, not even Rachel could screw this one up. And even if she did, we'd forgive her because we all have a little Rachel in us. That sweet, thoughtful friend with only the best intentions who messes up once in a while but is loved no less for it. :)

Simple strawberry trifle

Simple Strawberry Trifle

250 grams fresh strawberries
4 pcs ladyfingers or broas (you may also use pound cake)
3 tbsp white sugar
1/4 cup strawberry jam
1/2 cup whipped cream
1 tbsp condensed milk (optional)

Slice the strawberries into thirds and sprinkle with about 1 tbsp sugar. Mix thoroughly and set it aside for about 20 minutes to sweeten.

Whip the cream until it soft peaks form then add 2 tbsps sugar. Whip again to combine. You may also choose to add a spoon of condensed milk into the mixture. If you do add it, lessen the sugar to 1 tbsp. or your cream will be overly sweet. Most of the sweetness will come from the strawberries and the jam.

You can arrange the layers in a trifle bowl if you're making a large batch. But because I was only making for 3, I used my Irish coffee mugs to make individual servings. Start with a layer of broken-up ladyfingers. (If using pound cake, use a small round cookie cutter to shape the layers). Spoon some jam on top of the ladyfingers then assemble the sliced strawberries on top. Add the sweetened cream then repeat the layers. Refrigerate the cups (or trifle bowl) overnight to set and allow the flavors to mingle.
Not only is this super easy to make and great for hot summer days when the mere thought of turning on the oven causes you to break out in a sweat, but it's delicious. Just ask Mr. Spoonman from the photo, he looks mighty happy! :)

I'm off in a few hours and headed for the beach with family and friends so I'd like to wish you all a Happy Easter in advance. See you next week!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Oh, I remember that episode! She was so glad and proud of herself, poor thing... :)
And Joey will eat anything, right?

This trifle looks superb! I love strawberries.

Anonymous said...

hi i really like your site. its a breath of fresh air. i love ur photos and i love your recipes :) keep it up!


Anonymous said...

o btw, i also LOVE friends. :) ur story made me wanna watch it again haha! :)


Anonymous said...

That does look very easy to do. And I love the spoon!

Happy Easter Christine.

Photo Cache said...

bloghopping, yes that episode (and the other thanksgiving episodes) is very funny.

Didi said...

Nens! I am a huge HUGE fan of Friends too and like you, I will never tire of the jokes - they still make me laugh! I miss the show really.. Seriously.. My brother and I ALWAYS refer to the show at times to finish one another's sentecr.. hahahaha!!

Try the FRIENDS trivia on Facebook!

I'm glad to have found another FRIENDS addict! Yehaaa!!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I recently finished a Friends-on-DVD marathon ourselves, so LOL on the beef trifle!

But I really had to comment because I'm a strawberry-aholic... thank you for posting this! Looks awesone.

Deepa Kuber said...

yum!yum!yum! looks lovely..

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried Roshan's trifle? I've been wondering whether it's worth ordering.

christine said...

Patricia, haha yes, Joey will eat ANYTHING! Don't you love feeding people like him? :)

Thank you, tin! That's really sweet of you. :) Haha well if you wanna watch this particular episode again, it's from season 6, episode 9. ;)

Thank you, Marvin! Hope you had a nice Easter! :)

Photocache, thanks for hopping by. Gosh is there a Friends episode that isn't funny? :) They're the best!

christine said...

Hey Didi, I tried the Friends trivia on Facebook! It's fun. :) But I still suck hehe.

Hey Lorraine!! I know those Friends DVD marathons too well, some of the best ways to spend your time. :) Hope you had a great Easter!

Thanks anjali! :)

Katrina, I haven't! But I'd love to.

Jen Tan said...

Christine!!! Happy easter to you and your family!

A yummy post this is! I am no creams thing fan...but I do adore strawberries! It loooks really yummy and easy to make...oh and Mr. Spoon is a very nice touch ;P hahahaha

ChichaJo said...

Happy Easter Nens! Hope your weekend was a great one! :)

I will make this soon...I still have broas would you believe??? All I have to get now are the strawberries because those are long gone :)

Love the spoon! Where'd you get it? :)

christine said...

Thanks Jen! Hope you had wonderful Easter break as well. :) I love strawberries and anything you do with them, so go ahead and make this without the cream if you prefer. I'm sure it'll be delicious anyway.

Hi Jo! I got the spoon at last year's (or was it the year before last) book fair in WTC. :) I also have party skewers of similar design which you'll see in the next post. I thought they were cuties!

Anonymous said...

another friends addict here. :)

Watergirl said...

The spoon's so happy Nena! And what's not to love indeed? Although I'll take my trifle sans carne lol.
Just realized how many posts I haven't read of your lately, am catching up!

christine said...

Yay sakai! It's always nice to meet fellow Friends addicts. :)

Hi Mila! Hehe isn't he cute? I found it so randomly in the book fair. :)

Anonymous said...

This DOES sound easy! Thanks for the recipe. :)

christine said...

My pleasure, Toni! :)

amy loves goji berries said...

This looks so mouthwatering and i'm surprised at how simple it is to make.

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