March 16, 2007

Asia's In Good Taste

I found a nice surprise waiting for me on my office desk this morning - the 3rd issue of Asia's In Good Taste. Upon unfolding the pretty stationery paper attached to it, I discovered that it was from my friend (the magazine's talented food stylist). We were discussing this new project of hers recently at a party so she knew I was excited to check it out. How very thoughtful of her! ☺

In Good Taste, which was launched Sept. of last year, is so packed with recipes and tips that it reads like a cookbook. This is what makes it unique and deserving of it's claim as the "premiere cookbook magazine". The layout is simple and clean with impressive styling. I was surprised to find out they actually eat the food they shoot. No chemical sprays or fake ingredients for props. They want to make the photos "look as close to the real thing" as possible.

Aside from recipes, there are also the requisite informative articles on this ingredient or that, how to's, kitchen finds, entertaining ideas etc. If you're looking to get your own copy at the magazine stands, it would help to know that you're looking for something that is smaller than your standard issue food mag.

Here's a peak at the table of contents for this 3rd issue:

* Reading tea leaves - delve into the world of tea and learn more than just the mystical nature of scrolling tea leaves with this pot full of tea lore
* Truly pinoy kendi - wax nostalgic about familiar old-time favorite sweets from pulburon, yema and pastillas, bukayo, and masapan de pili
* Hold the sugar - figure out how to add some sweetness to your dishes without piling on the sugar
* Have a dessert party - plan your own theme party revolving around your favorite desserts and drinks.

Randomly selected recipes:
- fried rice patties with chicken terriyaki
- Adobo pita pizza ( I am so trying this!)
- stuffed pork tenderloin with cheese sauce
- chap chae
- dulce de leche sundae
- mango and ricotta wontons
- mocha blondies
- coffee caramel


Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Looks like a wonderful magazine. Good food magazines are getting harder to come by. Now, I wonder how we can get it here in the US?

Lori said...

The first time I saw this magazine was at the airport right before my trip to Europe last September. I've since bought all their (now 3) issues. I must say that they don't seem to have any definite publishing date -- I don't even think it's bi-monthly. The recipes are okay but the photos leave more to be desired. They were Manila's first cookbook magazine, but with the debut of Yummy, they've got some pretty tough competition.

christine said...

Hi Lydia! I love food magazines, especially food in travel. My favorites are Saveur and Gourmet Traveller (I subscribe to both), but I like a lot of others as well that I buy off the rack. I'm sure you have access to all those and more over there. :)

Hi Lori! :) it's really a bimonthly magazine. But because of a delay in printing they missed out on the Jan-Feb issue. I plan to get myself a copy of the other 2 issues (Back to Basics and Classic Celebrations) at Gourdo's or Living Well. I haven't had a chance to check out Yummy, but will do soon! :)

Watergirl said...

My sister gets copies since the editors (and I think the publication) all live in her village.

I enjoyed reading the recipes, although I think they could do with better hand models!

wysgal said...

Contents look interesting (I've perused a copy in Amici di Don Bosco) but the cover of this issue isn't particularly attractive ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great magazine. Is it printed in the US? I can't get hold of it here in Jersey.


Anonymous said...

Is it available in local bookstores?

christine said...

Haha Mila, I didn't even notice that! :D

Wysgal, I actually had the same initial thought. Then reminded myself to not judge a book by its cover (bla bla bla) and then was lost in all the recipes. I didn't expect it to be so jampacked with them. :)

Mae, I don't think so, at least not yet as it was just launched here last year. Do you get any other Philippine publications over there?

Anon, yes I was told it was, though it may be missed out on or lost in the racks because of it's size. To be sure, you can get this issue and the back issues at Gourdo's and Living Well.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a whole bunch of them at Fully Booked in Rockwell :) Nens, thanks for lending it to me and I'll be returning it soon ok? :) Just let me know if I'm taking too long!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I've never heard of this magazine. Based on your description, it sounds like a great read. Thanks for highlighting it!

neil said...

I reckon it'e really great that they can eat the food they photograph, sadly that's not always possible. Looks like a great magazine.

christine said...

Jo, you're welcome and take your time! I have a huge backlog of reading material on my bedside. I'll let you know when I'm craving that adobo pita pizza though. :)

Hi Susan, it is. This issue focuses more on food "makeovers" - rehashing an old familiar recipe with a new ingredient, or new preparation methods or presentation styles. So it's a lot of the well-loved Filipino recipes and comfort food (such as adobo and even rice) done in new ways. :)

Neil, you're right. Usually when it's done for ads they're not edible after they're photographed because in ads they need to look perfect, so they use all these chemicals to achieve the desired effect. In this case, they do actually get to enjoy the dishes after because they're photographed in their natural state. I think I want to be a food stylist now! :)

avidfan said...

hi! i believe the magazine is really nice but i must agree with lori that they dont have definite release dates of their issues. maybe it'll be better if they put the month in the magazine like..

vol.2 issue 2 May 2007.
Vol.2 issue 1 January 2007. that readers are aware of the months that they could find the new ish on bookstores. like they release it during March, June, September and December. so during these months, readers can head to the bookstores bcos they know the new ish are released during these months. thanks!

christine said...

Hi avidfan, you're right that would make it easier too to keep track of the issues. Maybe they're still in the process of tweaking and ironing out the kinks, as they're barely a year old. Thanks for dropping by!

Noel Perdigon said...

I agree with everyone that this was a very good cookbook/magazine - if only it had the chance to flourish. I first got a copy of the 3rd issue (Vol 2 Issue 1), and then somehow I managed to get all five issues in a second hand magazine shop - I did not realize then that they must have stopped operations. As I was always out of the country, I kept planning to visit their office in Project 4, and a few days ago I did - I was told by the guard that they have moved out without any forwarding address. Their website is also no longer up-to-date, and the telephone disconnected. It's a pity because they had such a good concept. If there are plans to revive this cookbook/magazine, please let me know.