July 31, 2007

Tastes like beef

Ostrich tapa

Ostrich tapa

Cagayan de Oro, being the white water rafting capital of the Philippines, has a lot to offer the thrill seeker and adventure traveler. Aside from shooting the rapids, ziplining, braving suspension bridges, horseback riding and caving which we did, visitors to this city can also enjoy other activities such as rapeling, spelunking, tubing (also known as Pinoy rafting), biking and nature trekking or swimming under waterfalls.

But another unique feature of CDO and one that is slightly less known is its status as the country’s premier source of ostrich eggs and ostrich meat. The Limketkai family pioneered ostrich farming in the country, vacuum-packing their meats and supplying these to selected supermarkets and restaurants around the country, including Kagayanon, a popular restaurant located at the Limketkai center.

Ostrich curry

Ostrich curry

Although we were far from being hungry after our late lunch of Sunburst fried chicken, we trooped to Kagayanon for some of this prized meat. We ignored all the other delicious-sounding local delicacies and ordered the ostrich salpicao, ostrich tapa and ostrich curry with cashew nuts, along with some bicol express.

And no, this flightless giant of a bird does not taste like chicken. Ostrich meat pretty much tastes just like beef and probably only the most experienced diner could distinguish between the two. But though it shares a similarity in texture and appearance with beef, ostrich meant enjoys a reputation of being the healthier option due to it’s lower cholesterol content and higher nutritional value. Not that any of that really mattered to me at the moment, I was busy enjoying all of it especially the tapa which turned out to be my favorite of the three. Everything was just so tender!

Ostrich Salpicao

Ostrich salpicao

Bicol express

Bicol express

Kagayanon Restaurant
Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City
Tel. +63 (08822)729292


Lydia said...

What fun! I've never tasted ostrich meat, but now I will try to find some -- there's a butcher shop in Boston that carries every imaginable kind of meat.

oggi said...

That tapa looks so yummy. I have never tried ostrich meat, have read about them being healthier than beef, but don't know where to buy them.
I could probably eat a horse after all the activities you did in the previous post, which BTW, I had so much fun reading, like I was actually there with you.:D

joey said...

I haven't has ostrich meat in a while but I remember it just as you've described...tastes like beef and very tender...and yummy! Your pictures are making me hungry!

christine said...

Lydia, it's very good and I love that it tastes good AND is a healthy alternative. That doesn't happen very often. :) I'll be looking for ostrich meat around our area now too.

Thanks Oggi,glad you enjoyed reading. :) The tapa was the best of all three really. Credit should also be given to the restaurant as they prepared all dishes very well.

Hi Jo! Looking at the pictures is making me crave for it too. Sarap!

canDIshhh said...

Oooooooh! Ostrich Meat! Coolness! Never tasted it but I'm so willing to try it out!

My friend has been shuttling to CDO every month (for business) - she's been bugging us to go with her for months!

Thanks to your post - I'm so eager to go!!

Belinda said...

Wow, Christine, you know, it even looks like beef in the photos! How interesting, my mind actually registered something like beef stir fry, even though I was definitely reading "ostrich!" :-)

christine said...

Candishh, I hope you go! You'll love it there, and while you're in CDO, try to head up to Bukidnon too. It's BEAUTIFUL up there! :)

Hi Belinda! Yup, tastes and looks just like beef. It could have fooled me for sure. :)

Marvin said...

Hi Christine. I know you said ostrich meat tastes like beef, but do you know if ostrich meat can be eaten rare like beef? Or does it have to be cooked all the way through?

Em Dy said...

Icings in SM Hypermarket Pasig serves ostrich burger. Tastes good but different if you've grown accustomed to all beef burgers.

christine said...

Hi Marvin! Yes, it can be eaten rate. In fact, it is recommended that it be served rare or medium rare. See more cooking tips here: http://yankeefarmersmarket.stores.yahoo.net/cotiandre.html :)

Hi Em,thanks for the tip! I've never had an ostrich burger and would like to try it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christine.

Your photo of that bowl of Bicol Express is shared publicly with no licenses but I'd like to ask your permission to use the photo anyway for a Facebook page.

Either way, thanks a lot.

christine said...

Sure, go ahead. :)

Neal said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. =)

You should really come visit. You're into photography, you'd absolutely love the Peñafrancia festival. And you should definitely try authentic Bicol express, dinuguan, and laing. :D

yue said...

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