June 20, 2007

Puri Saraswati Bungalows

Puri Saraswati 3

Our home in Ubud was the Puri Saraswati Bungalows which is located right smack in the center of the village, just a stone's throw away from the Ubud Royal Palace, the Ubud Market, the Puri Lukisan Museum and the Pura Desa Temple. It shares a perimeter wall with Cafe Lotus and Ubud's main temple complex both of which can be accessed via a private pathway directly from the bungalows.


Pura Taman Kemuda Saraswati,
Ubud's royal family temple behind our bungalow

The bungalows are set in a serene garden environment, each with a private verandah ensonced in lush foliage. Every morning, offerings are placed on the verandah steps to ensure the well-being and happiness of guests. Now, wouldn't that make you feel special? The rooms are modern and sparsely furnished with no distractions such as TV or radio and very comfortable.


the intricate gold-leaf carved door that opens up to our modern bedroom below

Puri Saraswati 5

Every night we were lulled to sleep by the chanting of frogs outside the window and every morning we woke to the lilting sounds of the gamelan orchestra practising at the temple next door. Like wind chimes, the melody of the gamelan is so soothing that once it turned what was supposed to be a quick power nap in the morning into a full blown 3 hour siesta.

Puri Saraswati 2

the breakfast bar,
that's our bungalow on the left hidden behind the plants

Now here is where it gets really special! To stay at the Puri Saraswati Bungalows is to be a guest of the royal family. The bungalows are built on palace property and on what was once a garden playground for the palace children and their friends. Today, members of the royal family make their home on the grounds and go about their lives much like ordinary folk. Once while waiting for our driver to arrive, we watched the prince's wife feed their baby on their balcony.

The sprightly lady whom I recognized from the framed picture hanging on the wall behind the front desk as one of the King's wives, cheerfully waved at us as we ate our toasts and banana pancakes in the breakfast bar. It is this same good nature and warm-heartedness extended by the rest of the staff that made us feel right at home and made our stay here so memorable. They were just delightful! I've never met a more gracious and charming bunch and I cannot say enough good things about them.

Puri Saraswati 4

PS: A million thanks to Anne who recommended this place to me! :)

Puri Saraswati Bungalows
Main Rd. Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Tel. (62-361) 975164
purisaraswati@yahoo.com ; Website: www.purisaraswati.com


Lindsay said...

I got your comment for template info...
please email me

joey said...

I know I have heard this kwento already but it's still so nice to read it :) I really have to see this place!

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Christine!! This place is beeeeyyuuutiiifuuullll!! Everything about it screams culture, relaxation, and serenity. Wish I could go visit someday! Please write more about your trip :)

Socky said...

I've heard so many good things about Ubud, specially about its art. But this place is something else! I will definitely include Ubud in my 1000 places to see before I get arthritic.

christine said...

Thanks Lindsay, will email you. :)

Jo, you really have to. Especially while we still live in Asia and it's cheaper for us to explore the region. :)

Scrooch, you hit the nail on the head! Culture, relaxation, serenity, those are perfect words to describe Bali specifically Ubud. :) The place is just oozing with positive energy and good vibes.

Socky, I'm sure that list of yours like mine is constantly evolving and growing. But please do put Ubud in there!

ginny said...

Nens, i want to be there right now! Bali is definitely in my list of "must visit places".


hello girl,

im glad you loved puri saraswati.

inangkin ko ng tita si ibu agung (one of the prince's wives). so we both have a tita to visit in ubud,hehehehe.

btw, she plays also with the gamelan ensemble at the lotus temple.


christine said...

Gins, I hope your inlaws decide to do Bali!! I really want you to go and experience the island for yourself.

Hey Anne, yes, they told me that she performs on certain nights. I really love how everyolne is an artist there! Thanks again for sharing this gem of a place! :)

ching said...

wow this place is so beautiful! ^_^

john Rybczyk said...

Gypsy soul, we are staying at the PSB in March 2008. Hope we have as good luck as you did.There was a terrible review in Trip Advisor

christine said...

Hi Ching, it's a really nice place. :) Was very happy staying there.

Hi John! I haven't read the reviews but I can only speak from experience. I hope you have a great time when you go! :)

Jonbarb said...

To All: We have now stayed at the SB twice. 2008 for 1 week and March 2010 for 8 nights. The staff is very good. The A/C in the room is just right. The breakfast is OK, the juice is the best. The pool is small and there is only about 4 or 5 chairs. Location/location/location. Its in the center of UBUD with everything close. UBUD is great. If I had one complaint - the dog. Although it is caged up, it barks and barks at night.

christine said...

Jonbarb, thanks for sharing your experience at PSB with us. :)