April 16, 2007

I'm a bookworm in the pantry!

I interrupt the regular scheduled posting of my misadventures in Bangkok with an exciting announcement: I'm a bookworm in the pantry!

"Bookworms are everywhere! Christine, this week's Bookworm in the Pantry, creates her lovely blog, Ramblings from a Gypsy Soul, in Manila, The Philippines (see her list of recommended food-related non-cookbooks, over there on the right). Whenever I read her posts, I learn something new about Filipino culture and cuisine — and, of course, I want to get on a plane and go to the places she visits. Christine has traveled to the US, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Egypt, and more. She photographs, she cooks, and, oh yes, she reads; her wish list features dozens of books I'd love to have in my own library."

Lydia is a food writer, co-host of a cooking group and the creative genius behind one of my favorite sites The Perfect Pantry . I call her a creative genius not only because of her very well written posts, pretty pictures and scrumptious-sounding recipes but also because of the basic premise of her website in which she explores every item in her pantry at a time. Thanks to her, I learned more about spices and condiments such as garam masala, epazote, fenugreek, harissa, and pickling spice.

She would also share her recommendations on her favorite books which led to the start of a fun project she launched recently called Bookworms in the Pantry. Every Saturday she features a new bookworm and 5 of their food-related (not cookbooks) book recommendations. It has been so interesting to see what my favorite foodies are recommending, and I've already added a lot of their books to my ever-growing Amazon wishlist.

Thank you so much for doing this, Lydia! Your site is a wonderful resource that not only offers up a wealth of knowledge to its readers, but also much inspiration! :)

Click here to read about the other featured bookworms and here to browse the list of books recommended.

If you'd like to be a bookworm in the pantry, simply email your book list (title/author) to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.


Lydia said...

Thanks, Christine! You are such a generous Bookworm. I'm so glad you've shared some of your favorite books with my readers.

christine said...

I was happy to! Thanks again, Lydia. :)

The Knittymommy said...

Congratulations Christine! I am very impressed. I am glad alot more other people will see what I see when I visit your blog!

christine said...

Mieke, you're the sweetest, thank you so much! Mwah! :)