May 12, 2008

WS #36: Three


My dear niece turned three last weekend and we had a nice intimate party for her at her my sister's garden. There was all the good stuff of birthday parties including games, prizes, presents, and yummy party food. After she blew out the candles on her cake, and as soon as night fell, her uncle brought out a torch he made especially for her, which when lit glowed a beautiful number 3 for the number of years she's livened up our worlds. Happy birthday, dearest N!! I love you bunches! :)

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Also, for those that inquired or those who are interested in these torches, (they can make words out of it too), send an email to Freddie: .


santos. said...

i like any family that gives fire as a gift.

Snap Catch said...

cool catch! Hope you have a nice monday and a fresh start to your week! Mine's Up too hope you can drop by...

nina said...

Beautiful capture Nena!

abie said...

wow this torch is so coll. if it is ok to ask, where did you buy this torch?

mine is up too, hope you can check it out.

happy WS!!

insane scribbler said...

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christine said...

Hi Santos! It's not a very common form of gift though is it?

Thanks snap, I hope you have a great week ahead of you! :)

Thanks, Nina! Thanks for dropping by. :)

Thanks Abie! My brother-in-law's business is confetti effects and pyro works for shows, so this is one of the new products he's testing I suppose. I'll ask him and get back to you on that. :)

ChichaJo said...

Oh! Happy birthday N! She is really a cutie :)

flipland said...

cool one, nena!

christine said...

Hi Abie, I've edited the post to include the email of the person you can contact should you want to order a torch sometime. :)

Thanks, Jo! She is! :)

Thanks, Ninfa! Have to check yours out too. :)