September 27, 2007

Yahoo for Dumaguete!


Wow, it seems like forever since my last post and since I've read any of my favorite blogs. No, I haven't forgotten nor abandoned any of you! How can I? I just haven't had as much extra online time as I used to since the other stuff that makes up my daily life slowly started to creep up on me threatening to bury me alive if I continued to neglect them. So lately I've been juggling my time between work of course which takes up most of it, wading through unread piles of books and magazines, trying to put in more hours at the gym and boxing, TV series' I'm addicted to, more dinners with friends and out of town trips to the beach and farm with family, and finally nurturing my passion for photography. I'm usually exhausted at the end of the day to do anything more than lift my book up to eye level before the sandman whisks me off.

But anyway, here I am! I still love blogging so there will always be time for that. And so for my first post in, three weeks is a long time for someone who used to post twice a week or so... I'd like to share some news my dad shared with me during breakfast a few days ago which came in the form of newspaper clippings. It seems we're not the only ones who think Dumaguete rocks!

The first article was entitled: "Foreigners say RP among top 20 best places to live - DOT" by Mayen Jaymalin; published in The Philippine Star last Sept. 19, 2007.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) yesterday reported that Americans and other
foreign travelers have actually listed Negros Oriental as among the top 20 best
islands in the world to live. Tourism secretary Joseph Ace Durano said Negros
Oriental joined the list of other exotic places such as the Grand Cayman, Gozo
in Malta, Carriacou in Grenada and Vieques in Puerto Rico, which all offer a mix
of indigenous culture, friendly neighbors, uncomplicated living and adventure

Durano said the deciding factors considered by the respondents included weather, languages spoken, ease of immigration and accessibility to hospitals. Located in Central Visayas, Negros Oriental offers divers colorful and teeming marine life around Apo Island, which is home to the Negros Oriental Marine Conservation Park. Tourists can also chance upon playful dolphins and pygmy sperm whales in Tanon Strait at Bais Bay. But more than the attractions, Durano said the people play a big role in giving a warm welcome and creating a positive impression among travelers.

The other article entitled "Yahoo: Manila is passport-worthy" was published the very next day Sept 20, 2007 in the Manila Standard Today.

Manila was listed at no. 10 in the list of "10 passport-worthy locations thousands of Yahoo! users chose as the very best". While Yahoo cited problems such as traffic and pollution in Metro Manila, visitors cited it's friendly people, excellent nightlife, historical sights and some of the most cavernous shopping malls in Asia.

This was the second time Philippine destinations figured prominently in the listing of top destinations in the world. Last month, Islands Magazine based in the United States listed Negros Oriental and it's capital Dumaguete as one of the 20 best islands in the world to live on.

The magazine, one of the most widely circulated and most trusted travel publications in the United States, included Negros Oriental with its capital Dumaguete as among the best islands in the world where expatriates may settle based on the following criteria: flip-flop wearability, strong expat communities, and affordable real estate.

Hurray for the Philippine Islands! :)

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tutubi said...

dumaguete is such a nice place indeed. more laidback than cebu. hope to explore it fully next time

joey said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad glad we are getting good, and well-deserved, press :) So, when are you touring me around there? :)

mtan said...

My last trip to Dumaguete was very special :) They didn't mention good schools in Dumaguete, Siliman is a fine institution, one of the better private universities in the Visayas.

rowena said...

I know what you mean about online time, or atleast the lack of it. But I think it must be a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" because often I actually miss being in the working world and spending time doing real things! (Screw Rubber Slippers..heh heh). Thumbs up on Dumaguete, that is so cool!!

veron said...

Hurray indeed! I always tell the hubbs that Manila is shopping heaven.Welcome back!

oggi said...

It's good to hear the Philippines got good ratings, and that you're back blogging.:D

Marvin said...

this is good news indeed. especially considering the wife and I may be vacationing in the Phils. next year.

christine said...

Hi Tutubi, much MUCH more laidback than Cebu. Cebu is almost like Manila already. I hope you get to explore it further too, there's so much to discover. :)

Joey, let's! I've been wanting to take you with me. I just know you'd love it there. Come with us if we go holy week next year. :)

Now I wonder just what made it so darn special, Mila? ;) You're right about Silliman, but there are others as well.

christine said...

Hey Rowena! Wouldn't it be nice if we could snap our fingers and swap places whenever we wanted? I would so love to have your life for a couple of days. :)

Thanks Veron! A shopping heaven it is, there are way too many malls here and they're building some more. It's crazy. Does hubbs like to shop too? :)

Thank you Oggi :). I missed your birthday so belated greetings! xoxo

Hey Marvin, that's great. When were you here last?

Belinda said...

Christine! I'm so glad you have found a few moments to post...I was concerned when I hadn't "seen" you for a while, and aked Joey if all was well, and she assured me that you were fine, but very busy. I've missed your blog updates, but certainly understand your need for devoting attention to other work?! :-)

From the beautiful, enticing glimpses you have shared through your photos, I'm not a bit surprised to hear that the Philippines is considered a much sought out destination. :-)

katrina said...

Yay for the Phils! :-)

I've been hearing about Dumaguete since I was young. I hope to be able to visit it soon. I want to go to the original Sagalbarria bakeshop!

canDIshhh said...

Now, I really want to go to Dumaguete! When's the best time you think?

Carmeli said...

Now am even more proud to say am from Dumaguete City.

P said...

Briefly stayed in Dumaguete before hopping to Apo Island - the first beach rama swam in - she was 6 months old - and her first plane ride too! The beach was gorgeous - the rock, the clear water, the lovely skies; the city, quaint and pretty. All photogenic. Yes, dumaguete deserves the props it gets. :-)

christine said...

Hi Belinda, Joey did tell me that you asked about me and I was so touched. :) Thank you for thinking of me. You're really such a sweetheart!

Katrina, that is reason enough to make the trip! :)

Hi Didi, anytime outside the rainy season would be great. Maybe November during the fiesta (Nov 25). I've never been to the fiesta, can you believe, but I hear it's a blast!

Hey Carmeli! I'm sure you are. My dad couldn't have been prouder also. Gosh, I still can't get over it, twin girls! Poor Lorenzo ;)

Hey P! How nice to know it was the first beach Rama swam in. :) That just makes it even more special.

Marvin said...

hi christine. the last time i was in the Philippines was in the summer of 2000. so it's been awhile.

christine said...

Wow yes it has been a while. Time to make those plans for a trip home. :)

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