August 6, 2007

Drive-thru organic market


I love my weekends and I look forward to it with much anticipation during the week. And I've always felt they were too short and should be composed of three days instead of two. I think it's only fair to work 4 days in a week and rest for 3, don't you think? Anyhoo, for most of us these two days are precious! On weekends I find myself in a bit of a tizzy; I am torn between the very elusive pleasure of sleeping in and making the most of every precious minute by doing everything I don't get to do and spend quality time with family because I work full-time during week days.

Spending my mornings at the market is one of my favorite weekend indulgences. But for it to be more rewarding one has to go early which of course means giving up even the slightest hopes of sleeping in. This isn't always easy to do though because Fridays can (and usually do) mean late nights. More often than not though, if I'm in town on the weekend, I fight the urge to sleep in and thank myself for doing so as I drive back home with my trunk and cooler filled with fresh and delicious foodstuff.


Which brings me to this little strip of a market close to my home, the Sunday Organic Market at Magallanes. On weekend mornings, when the gravity underneath my bed is at its most powerful and makes me miss the Salcedo market and when I'm too lazy to drive to Market! Market! or Legaspi, it's good to know I can go for a quick run to Magallanes for some fresh produce. Once when I was rushing because I was cooking something for lunch to be served in the next hour but lacked shallots, I did my marketing from the comfort of my car in ratty house clothes.

It is still a relatively young market with limited space and even more limited purveyors, so it's not an alternative to the bigger and better marketplaces out there. But it is undoubtedly a nice thing to have around for those kitchen emergencies. :)


Lydia said...

I feel the same way every Saturday morning in the summer, when I get up early and drive 30 minutes to a wonderful farmers' market. As soon as I get there, I'm glad I made the trip. Your little drive-up market looks great, and I'm sure with the support of people like you who get up early to be there, that it will grow.

M.Tan said...

I agree, on both major points: we need 3 day weekends! and sleep vs shopping, how can we make that choice? Every weekend too! arghereereee

Isn't the Magallanes market one of the earlier ones? Or is this a new group?

joey said...

Three day weekends get my vote too! :) And I also know what you mean about the struggle to market or sleep in! But yes, I also feel so happy when I do :)

Nice to know about this Magallanes one...Even if it's small at least it's there for veggie emergencies! :)

The Knittymommy said...

My mom told me that they revived the organic market. I remember when they had the first market that eventually moved to Legaspi st.

I used to be able to get rock lobster tails there... Can you imagine?

I'm glad to see more and more people back home are turning to organics or just fresh produce, in general. I tried going organic here in the US, but it simply burned a hole into my wallet. How could I enjoy organic produce when all the money I would be left with was just enough to buy canned goods? A little bit ironic, don't you think?

christine said...

Lydia, I hope so. It's only been in existence since about late February or early March and there's already more items available now than there was then. :)

Mila, yes a weekly struggle! The market is actually open at 6 am, but stays open until 4. Lots of time to catch up. :)

Hey Jo-jo! Yup, and not too far from you either. To make the drive even more worthwhile sometimes I go to church there na rin. It's really so convenient. :)

Wow they had rock lobster tails there? Didn't you live in the area? At least that's what I remember. I know what you mean about how organic produce being can be so much more expensive. But I don't think it's quite as expensive as it used to be anymore thanks to more organic farms sprouting up in the country.

ScroochChronicles said...
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ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Christine!! Will try to visit this one. We've been going to the Salcedo Market but parking has really been getting bad lately. Maybe if I could only manage to go earlier, which is next to impossible. It's a weekend so it's the perfect excuse to stay a bit longer between the sheets :)

Amen on your suggestion for a 3-day weekend!!

grumpyurbanslacker said...

hey, you're absolutely right-on about three-day weekends! Perhaps our dear 'pandak' president should legislate that henceforth, each week will have 8 days:

weekdays will be 5 days (Mon-Fri); and weekends will be 3 days (Sat/Sun/and a new day to be called...hmm...Slackerday??! :D)

think about how wonderful it will be for domestic tourism!!! And retail industry!! haha..

canDIshhh said...

Christine! I was there last Sunday too!! I'm there almost every other Sunday! :)

It's really short though - I was hoping to see more and more stalls every week I went.. but they're still the same.

I hope to see you sometime! :)

christine said...

Cookie, I know, the parking is ridiculous in Salcedo! Especially when you're there near lunch time when more people arrive to eat there. Hey, maybe, we should start a petition on the 3-day weekend? ;)

GUS, that would surely do wonders for domestic travel! Imagine a 3-day weekend every week? Sigh...we can only hope. :) Slackerday. :)

Candishh really?! What time were you there, maybe much earler that I was. Hope to see you there someday too. :)

The Knittymommy said...

Yup. I used live in Magallanes. My parents and brother still do.

Belinda said...

I agree, Christine...sleeping late is such a temptation when its an option. Shopping in any form usually has the power to get me out the door. :-) And a drive through organic market sounds like fun shopping!

christine said...

Ahh yes, KM, that's why I've always associated you with that village. :)

Belinda, you know it! Especially now because it's the rainy season here. It's that much harder to get out of bed. There's no better time to get cozy between the sheets than when the rain is pounding on the roof right? :)

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