February 22, 2006

Of milkshakes and carnivals

Last Saturday, after feasting on one of my favorite things in the world - SUSHI! at Kaiseki , a small group of us decided to check out the EuroStar Carnival at The Fort. I was so excited. There's something about carnivals, the rides, the games, the laughter, the food, the sounds, the prizes, it's just so much fun! There's really an aura of magic around it.

Oddly enough, for a Saturday night there weren't very many people, which was great really because we didn't have to fret over long queues. I wanted to get on all the rides, though I was warned that the rides here were extra-nauseating, and that all it took for most people was one ride before they were too dizzy to even think of getting on another. Much to my amusement and as if to confirm this, I saw a sign posted on the mirror above the bathroom sink which read: "Bawal sumuka dito" (Vomitting not allowed here). :)

Anyways, after some unsuccessful begging and pleading with my friends to ride the Joker - what appeared to be the tallest and scariest ride on the grounds - I settled for the Ranger, which is like a pendulum that swings back and forth and goes higher with each swing until you are completely upside down for about a minute. This minute of course seemed like an hour! This part was quite uncomfortable because the entire weight of your body is on your head!. Then it drops down and continues to swing the other way.

I was laughing throughout the entire ride, mostly out of excitement and nerves but partly because when I glanced over at Nacho, he had this death grip on the bars, his eyes were shut tight, and he was giggling like a mad woman! Shooting a quick glance at Rosa I laughed even harder because she had tears rolling UP her face from all the laughing. It was hilarious!

Let me share a piece of advicewith you: do not attempt to embark on anything that moves faster or goes higher than the mini ferris wheel after you've stuffed yourself with raw fish! Worried about our tummies, we took the safe route and opted for the giant ferris wheel as our last ride. From which I took the photo above.

Taking the whole age-denial experience even further, we drove over to the new crepe place in the Fort for some milk shakes. Here, you can choose from the many different ice cream flavors they offer and come up with your own personalized blend. I had a strawberry vanilla milk shake. Ho boy, it was guuuud! Definitely a great way to end the night.

I think that everyone, no matter how old they are, needs to let their inner child loose at least some of the time! It's good for the soul. :)


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! THE secret to youth is to never lose sight of that inner child :)

christine said...

Right! And to do something for the kid inside you everyday. :) I really believe that's the secret to youth and sanity.

Hugs Jo-Jo!!